Sunday, 29 September 2013

website live!

I have not posted anything for 3 weeks as I was pretty busy preparing a craft fair and building my website...

I've been thinking for a while now to have a website where I could share my creations and why not sell a few ;-).  It got me busy the past 2 weeks to work on the layout of the website, create a new logo, decide which range to publish, select and organise the pictures...  I finally came up with a first version and it is live since yesterday. I will in the coming weeks work on a new version with an online shop, more items in the digital section and a range of printables.  Feel free to browse on [AKHATAN] paper creations.
I wanted to have the website ready for October 5th when I'll be participating to my first craft fair in Scotland. I am so excited. It will be such a rich experience sharing my passion and be surrounded by talented crafters. And I also feel privileged to be in place dedicated to promote and encourage art and creativity: Out the Blue
As I want to develop my craft and my range more and more, I also worked during the past weeks on a serie of handmade frames and handmade accessories.
The frames are made of paper and stand "alone" thanks to an "accordion" folding. I decorated the background with stamps, I added a piece of cellophane also decorated with ink and stamp.
For the accessories range, I created a few earring, rings and brooches. All made of recycled cardboard. I cut the shapes (butterflies and flowers) with a punch and decorated them with ink and stamps. I used a varnish glue as protective coating.

I hope you like it. 
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