Saturday, 17 August 2013

from tissue paper to cardboard - part 2: versatile material

Paper is such a great material to work with.
It exists in a variety of thickness (very thin like silk and tissue paper to thick and sturdy like corrugated paper and extra strong cardboard) enabling you to crease, fold, create tiny shapes with details (flowers, jewelry...) or build resistant objects (such as boxes, furniture...).  Paper is proposed in a infinite range of colors and designs . Yet I often make my own to create backgrounds or ornaments. I might draw a pattern in Illustrator, print it and use it as a whole (for a card or notebook) or as background and add some embellishments like buttons, ribbons... Or I might just take a blank card and make an original lay out using stamps, painting, doodles... Another great thing about paper is that it can be used for many different purposes : it can be used as object (flower, box...), as holder (card, frame...) or as garment (as decoration).

For example when I make a card I use cardstock as basis for the card. I might use blank cardstock and add decorations using patterned papers, chipboard... But I could also just use paper as support and use garment from other material such as fabric, rubber, buttons, wood or I can print a design on the card.
I also often turn to paper, usually patterned papers, to decorate objects. I love using existing objects (mostly boxes and frames) and give them a new look. (I will dedicate the next post to customisation / upcycling).

  • Scrap card

  • Blank card + illustrator design

  • Blank card+stamp design

  • Notebook + illustrator design

  • Notebook + scrapbook

  • Frame+scrapbook

I am both interested in the creation of an object as to decorating it. And paper is so versatile that it enables me to do so. For example, I use corrugated paper and cardboard to make gift boxes, picture frames, doorhangers, and I turn to tissue and crepe paper for their flexibility to make flowers.

  • Tissue flowers

  • Gift box

  • Doorhanger

So it doesn't matter if you love creating objects, making cards, scrapbook or add some color to a piece, paper is the perfect companion for all sorts of projects. Ther's no doubt paper will add an invaluable dimension to your craft.

If you have questions or suggestions feel free to contact me or leave a comment.

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