Sunday, 28 July 2013

From tissue paper to cardboard

I love working with paper as it is such a versatile material. Paper exists in a variety of textures and thickness, giving you the opportunity to create small, precise and flexible objects as well as larger and stronger ones, such as boxes and even furniture.
Thin paper
You can create lovely flowers with tissue paper and crepe. The thinness and flexibility of those papers enables you to work on the shape by creasing for example. And it is perfect to render the texture of flower petals.

If you want to create a more resistant or larger object I'd suggest using cardboard. You can find cardboard in a great range of thickness, from thin if you need to fold or work the shape, to thick if you need to make stronger objects such as frames, boxes and even pieces of furniture.

Yes this cupboard is made of cardboard. I realised this piece two years ago during a workshop given by Valérie Chauvenne at Le Show du Carton. In a next postI will explain how I realised it showing pictures of every stages.

The next post will be dedicated to customisation. I'll explain how to give a new look to objects with paper using techniques such as scrapbooking and stamps.

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