Friday, 19 July 2013

Creation: triggers and process

I've been crafting with paper, scissors and glue for as long as I can remember.  Maybe I should find another word for crafting as it does not really express what it means to me. For me crafting is a real moment of fun in which I can fully express myself, let myself go... well, be me.
I really enjoy to create with paper,especially making cards.  
But what triggers the making of a card ? It varies from the followings: the birthday of someone I care is coming on, another creation has inspired me, ideas running in my head or simply the need to create.
My crafting process is pretty much the same everytime: it begins with one of the triggers mentioned above, then I come up with a design, I gather the needed material, I create, I finish up with adding The  final touch (doodles doodles...) and it's done.  I love each part of the process with probably a preference for the design part. To come up with a design I usually think of the purpose of the creation and the person it is meant for.  When making a card for example, I first think about the type of card: is it for a birthday, a wedding, a celebration, a new-born baby... (quite logical indeed). Then I think about the person who it is meant for: what does he/she like (hobby, passion, favourite colour...) and I make sure my card will reflect this. This can be done using special patterned papers, stamps... And believe me it works; the comments from the one who got the card are the greatest reward ever.

A few examples below:
 - a card for someone passionate about music and birds

- birthday cards for someone who loves flowers

- a congratulation card to motivate someone excell (star) in the new job

Feel free to leave of comment and / or ask questions.

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