Saturday, 13 July 2013

Patterned papers

I   L O V E  patterned papers. 
They exist in a huge variety of designs, colours and materials.
And they are so easy to find. 
- Many craft magazines (1) offer them in their latest issue. 
- You can buy them from craftshops (2) or via one of the oh so many webshops.

Patterned papers are very easy to use and enable you to make a nice card in a very short amount of time, even if you run out of ideas. You just need to put 2 patterned papers together and add some extra features (embellishments, text, buttons, flowers, doodles...) and that's it!
Like the 2 birthday cards below. Both cards were made in 5 minutes!

For the first card I used 2 patterned papers as background. I added a paper butterfly and a Happy Birthday tag (offered in one of the Papercrafter issues). To finish off I added some doodles with a coloured marker.

 For the second card I added an extra piece of patterned paper on the top edge.

 (1) Craft magazines with lots of ideas on cardmaking and other crafts : Papercrafter, Papercraft essentials, Craft Stamper, Crafts Beautiful, Quick Cards, Simply cards and papercraft.
(2) Craft shops in Edinburgh: Stamper Grove, Hobby Craft.

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